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"Thank you so much for a wonderful job on my website which was done efficiently, quickly and in a totally proffessional manner. I have dealt with other website designers, but I can say that from now on you will have all my business. Thank you again, and I stand ready to be a reference if required. My best wishes to Ideaworxz and your wonderfully professional and creative team."
- Marslon Industries
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Project ManagementSoftware Development

Project management software is a computer application designed to help with project planning and control of resources, costs and schedules of a project. Project management software is a term covering many types of software, including scheduling, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication and documentation systems, which are used to deal with the complexities of large projects.

How can I benefit from project management software?

When you have large projects or multiple projects going at the same time, project management software can be very useful. It can be used to:

Accounts payable - where the company enters its bills and pays money it owes.

Schedule events.

Assign tasks and gathering information on the status of the project.

Calculate critical paths to find out what tasks should be optimized in a first place.

Manage resources of the project, such as money, people, equipment and materials.

Manage risks.

Juggle multiple projects simultaneously.

Keep a record on how projects have progressed.

You probably should not use management software if you run a single small project.

Services we offer:

Reality Software has a lot of experience in project management software development. We use such software in our work and we know how to make your project management more efficient. The solution we offer to develop for you is:

Customized - it will serve the exact needs of your organisation and will be developed in collaboration with your
staff. It will be designed specifically for the business processes of your company.

Functional - will allow you to manage all aspects of your projects, distribute assignments and gather reports to
track the results.

Easy-to-use - simple and clear interface will allow you to concentrate on your work.
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